Speaking at NSBCon 2014 in London

I am thrilled to announce that I will be speaking at the very first NSBCon, which will be organised in London later this year in June, and has an impressive lineup of speakers. The topic that I’ll be covering will, obviously, be the relationship between the Microsoft Azure platform and NServiceBus.



For years now, I’m in the unique position to be both a contributor to NServiceBus and an early adopter of the Microsoft Azure platform. Furthermore I’m using this combination for my own startup project (www.messagehandler.net), so I have learned a few things about using NServiceBus on the Microsoft Azure platform.

In this session I will try to transfer some of my experiences to you, not only give you an introduction to the capabilities that the Microsoft Azure platform can bring to your NServiceBus solution, but also show what the differences are with traditional NServiceBus development and what you need to keep in mind.

To be more specific, we will dive deeper into the following topics:

  • What does it mean to run an nservicebus application in such a gigantic network as the azure platform? What are the benefits? What are the issues? And what can we do about those?
  • Which transports are available, and which ones are recommended, in this environment.
  • How about storage and hosting options?
  • And to wrap up, I’ll share some of my lessons learned for developing against azure ( pro tip: stop using the emulator! )

I’m also looking forward to (finally) meet many of you in real life that are actively using, or are interested in using, NServiceBus on Azure. I’ll definitly be hanging around in the hallways in between sessions talking to folks, so go register if you haven’t done so already and do not hesitate to grab me for a chat at the event!

See you there!